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Technical SEO Service

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing all the components that make your website fast, mobile-friendly, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. You might have an attractive site that loads slowly, does not correctly load on mobile devices, and users don’t find the necessary information that they need. User demands have dramatically changed, and search engines have become more sophisticated; no one is wasting their time on slow sites. Bankmycell report shows that 6.6 billion smartphone users are approximately across the globe. Google has launched an algorithm update for the surge of massive smartphone users, and that algorithm gives importance to site speed and mobile experience for better rank.

Technical SEO Service In Bangladesh
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Planning & Strategy

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Mobile Performance
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Site Architecture
  • Competitor Analysis
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Technical SEO Audit

We always start with an in-depth audit of your website with various tools like Ahref, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Sitebulb, and human effort. Our audit touched 300+ points and tried to find and fix every issue we encountered on your website. It includes everything from sitemap to robots.txt, amp issue, indexation status, and 404 page. It is how we figure out what technical issues need to be fixed. Once we finalize your site’s technical issues, our SEO specialist jumps into action.

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Mobile Performance

Did you know that over 61% of visitor comes from a mobile device? You must invest in mobile performance if you want mobile users to engage with your website and convert them into customers. Google’s mobile-friendly test will tell you about your website is mobile-friendly or not, and our audit will look a-z at the mobile version performance of your site. We provide actionable insight on improving your website for mobile-friendliness with many suggestions like increasing page speed, reducing redirects, unblocking JavaScript, and minifying code.

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Internal Link Structure

Internal links have basically hyperlinked that point to other pages of the same domain. Internal links help Google to find, crawl, understand, and index pages on your site. When one-page point link to another page it passes link juice. When a site has a proper internal linking structure it helps search engines and users easily navigate to your site and find valuable information. It’s crucial to improve the internal linking strategy regularly on your site. It’s one of the best ways to improve the usability of your site.

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Site Architecture

No matter how big or small your site is, a thoughtful structure creates a seamless user experience that both visitors and search engines love. Site structure is the foundation of technical search engine optimization. Establishing an SEO-friendly site structure can guide users to your content and help search engines. Building a new site or thinking of optimizing your existing site, it pays to take a look at the site structure before you get started. We always focus on site architecture, then analyze and implement best practices based on your website.

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Competitor Analysis

Getting a complete overview of your competitors helps to find optimization tactics and determine conversion opportunities. Our technical SEO team evaluates competitors, keyword performance, social media presence, search engine rankings, technical profiles, backlink profiles, and many others. These processes allow you to create strategies that bring huge benefits to your website. Our SEO specialist helps you create a benchmark for your current SEO performance and reveal competitor gaps or weaknesses.

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Meta Data Analysis

Improve your online visibility and gain more traffic meta tag help to describe effectively what your page is about. Metadata is invisible to visitors, and it works behind the scenes in the HTML of web pages. Rank1SEO performs a technical SEO for every kind of website, which involves analyzing your meta description, title tags, alt attributes, and meta robots tag and then optimizing it. Our team will ensure no misused metadata could harm your SEO performance.

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Image Optimization

Unoptimized images can slow your website, and your users will not wait for your website to load. Large images slow down your site performance and can drive away visitors from your site. Rank1SEO team will reduce your site load time and attract more customers through technical SEO. We choose the correct file size based on your image and choose the proper format, optimize alt attributes, reduce the file size of ideas and optimize the EXIF data of your pictures. Image optimization and creating a sitemap for images will help to ensure that your photos rank better in image searches on Google.

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Speed Optimization

Page speed is one of the ranking factors in Google, and a faster site can increase user experience. Users expect web pages to load quickly, within 2-4 seconds. The first impression is essential from a technical SEO perspective and a business perspective. Speed plays a significant role in how your audience perceives your brand on the web. Rank1SEO technical SEO specialists enable file compression to reduce the size of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files. We also check log files, reduce redirects, utilize CDN, leverage browser cache and improve server response time.

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Structured Data Markup

Schema markup makes it easier for search engines to crawl and understand your content. We highlight your page element by creating the schema markup for your page. Schema markup specifies page elements and assigns data tags. If you want to improve your Google search presence and grasp rich results on SERPs, then schema markup will help you achieve this. We implemented structured data for your website and provided impressive results after implementation.

Local and Internation Search Traffic Generation

Local and International SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical SEO includes ensuring the website is mobile-friendly, has a fast loading time, and removes any errors from the HTML code.

Technical SEO allows you to crawl your site and make sure to index its entire website’s important content. If you don’t have a technical SEO strategy, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic from search engines!

Search engines can be broken down into two types: crawlers and indexers. Crawlers are programs that visit each page on the web, looking for links to other pages. Indexers are programs that store information about all the pages they find in a database.

The first step is to check the URL of the page and make sure that it is spelled correctly. If you still get 404 errors, check if the page has been deleted or moved to a new location.

There’re many ways to make sure that Google will index your site, including:

  • Using search engine-friendly URLs
  • Optimizing the content on your page with keywords and phrases relevant to what you’re trying to rank for
  • Ensuring that all content on the page has a title tag
  • Ensuring that all content has a meta description
  • Ensuring that all images have an alt attribute

Google algorithms are a set of rules that Google uses to determine how they rank webpages in their search engine results pages. These algorithms are used by all major search engines, including Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu.

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