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What Is SEO-Friendly Design?

SEO is one of the most important parts of your business’s success. SEO-friendly websites mean that Google and other search engines can easily crawl and index their database. After indexing, Google serves the most relevant and valuable web pages to their users based on which queries they search on Google. Think, if you have a website, but it’s not SEO friendly, then what will happen? If you’re planning to sell products and services with your website, your website user experience is not good. Here is an SEO-Friendly website design and customization comes.

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Why is an SEO-Friendly Website Important?

It’s imperative to develop and build a website with SEO concerns in mind. As a long-time digital marketing and website customization service provider, we know the most critical elements. SEO is about providing value to users; you must put your users first as a website and business owner. Making your website well customized and easy to navigate is a core of SEO.

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SEO-Friendly Website Architecture

Website architecture means the planning and design to establish structure and increase usability. Your website architecture depends on your SEO performance.

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Optimized Speed

Website loading speed is one of the most important elements for an SEO-friendly website. We will ensure that your site achieves the highest speed possible with our customization service.

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Almost 70% of Google searchers use a mobile device, and mobile-friendly designs are crucial for most businesses. Our website customization service includes a full suite of assurances for the mobile device.

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SEO Integration

Every SEO-friendly web page should have its meta title and description. The title is 50-60 characters, and the meta description can be up to 155 characters. These titles and meta descriptions are essential for search engine indexing.

SEO-friendly websites example:

Unique Titles and Descriptions for all Pages

Every SEO-friendly web page should have its meta title and description. The title is 50-60 characters, and the meta description can be up to 155 characters. These titles and meta descriptions are essential for search engine indexing.

Clean URL Structure

Website URL structure should be as simple as possible. For an SEO-friendly website, you should consider organizing your content so that URLs are constructed logically. For permalinks, you must ensure that all are lowercase, separated by dashes, and contain keywords organically.

Fast Loading Webpages

You will lose visitors if your pages don’t load within a second. Page speed is one of the top ranking factors on Google, and it plays a pivotal role in Search Engine Optimization. Using a fast hosting server and image optimization, you can make your website faster.

Unique Content

You must ensure all of your website content is unique and not copied from anywhere else. Unique content always plays a vital role in search rankings because Google algorithms rate unique content. If search engines flag websites with plagiarized content then it will significantly reduce your website’s SEO friendliness.

Optimized Images

Image SEO makes your images easier for Google and other search engines to understand. You can do image SEO by optimizing your image size, modifying EXIF data, and using an alt tag. Another important part of image SEO is that your image should be unique and not a copied one; unique images are helpful for search engines and users.

Internal Linking

An internal link is hyperlinked between two pages on the same website, and they pass PageRank or SEO value. Internal linking creates a rounded website map, helps crawlers associate relevant web pages, and creates a strong internal architecture to boost your website’s SEO.

Why Website Customization Service?

Suppose you plan to redesign your existing site to provide users with a fantastic experience that will keep them returning to your site. We will redesign and customize your website with a comprehensive SEO-friendly design that can maximize your exposure on Google SERPs. We have a team with a half-decade of experience working with website customization. We provide the best website customization service for small and medium-sized businesses with an SEO-friendly focus on the user interface. We offer top-notch, affordable website customization services to optimize your site to outrank your competition from day one.

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Technically Sound

Search engines can easily find your web pages and, crawl and, important index pages.

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Technically Sound

Fast-loading with clear navigation, purpose, and design.

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Content optimized for searchers, and linkers.

Our Website Design And Development Process

As a Bangladeshi website customization service company, we work with our clients to build relationships by providing the best work. We will be able to make for you the best possible customization of your site.


Discuss Your Requirements


Get a Proposal


Website Customization


Quality Assurance


Project Launch


Feedback and fine-tuning

SEO-Friendly Website Customization Services in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we first offer this website customization service to make your website SEO-friendly. Your website is your business’s face, and you must always care about it. Therefore we want to make your website smile to SEO and users alike. For higher user satisfaction and SERPs visibility, we craft our website customization services around every primary SEO criterion possible.

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WordPress Customization

WordPress CMS is very common, and we’re specialized in it. Our WordPress customization process is very efficient and optimized to unlock full SEO functionality for your business.

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eCommerce Website Customization

Most eCommerce online stores fail because they are not well-optimized for SEO. We will customize a high-end, reliable, secure, SEO, and customer-friendly eCommerce store to help you generate more revenue.

Custom Website Development

Custom Website Customization

Our custom website customization service is overall customization and includes creating fields for SEO metadata.

Why Choose Us?

Rank1SEO has helped build client websites from all over Bangladesh. Our expertise supports different; we approach holistically and provide the best results possible. Read below to see what you will be getting from us:

Dedicated Website Customizer

Not every SEO agency has a dedicated team of website customizers as we do. We have a team of specialized CMS and custom site customization experts with a history of successful website customization.

Website SEO Expert Teams

A website alone is not enough to retain users and perform better on search, and it will need SEO. Our Search Engine Optimization specialists will structure your website to rank higher and faster.

Expert Website Customizer

Rank1SEO has a team of expert website customizers who will improve your website’s overall appearance, visual imagery, website architecture, linking structure, and user experience.

Dynamic and Proven Approach

All our website customization strategies and approaches are tested and proven. Our team will create a strategy that impacts your brand image.

On-Time Delivery

Our entire workforce of Rank1SEO are highly dedicated to ensuring top-notch results for each of our clients. We deliver the best website customization service on time as committed.

Support & Maintenance

Rank1SEO has a team of expert website customizers who will improve your website’s overall appearance, visual imagery, website architecture, linking structure, and user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

It would be best to ask your design and development team for SEO optimization. Professional web design companies also have teams of SEO experts. If your business requires it, we can provide you with an SEO-optimized website.

There are a few different types of themes that you can use for your website design. The first is a responsive theme which is something that will be able to adjust to different screen sizes and resolutions. The second is a minimalist theme focused on content, not design, and the third is an interactive theme emphasizing interactivity and visuals.

Website delivery takes 25-30 business days. Get detailed reports about your website to get a clear understanding of how your site works.

Yes, we offer full-featured sites using our WordPress CMS, which you can edit as you see fit. Easy to use and dynamic, your team can edit, add, or remove anything they want.

No, we offer a full-featured, SEO-friendly website with a 30-day revision policy. If we find an issue that does not correspond to the service we promised, we are ready to review and resolve the issue.

We bring you the full report in three parts. First, let’s point out the problem in detail. Below is an overview of the site’s current state, including the budget and roadmap.