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E-commerce SEO Service.

Over a few years, online shopping has increased significantly in the global market. In today’s world, more than 63% of shopping occasions begin online. Traditional and digital commerce are blurring in this line. More people and institutions rely on digital platforms to satisfy their needs and requirements. Where does your business fit?

Most businesses are having trouble with growing revenue and increasing online sales. Partner with a sustainable e-commerce SEO service with a proven history of generating more online transactions!

  • Your company’s goals are our goals
  • We’ll create a buyer persona that will drive the right audience
  • Our SEO techniques are effective
  • Our team shares the same goals as you!
  • We’re here to provide actual results
  • Our team is experienced SEO professionals!
E-commerce seo service
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E-commerce SEO Services

Rank1SEO is nationally recognized as the top-rated e-commerce SEO company in Bangladesh. We work with hundreds of e-commerce business clients. We know the pros and cons of e-commerce SEO campaigns and strategies better than anyone. Rank1SEO specializes in helping online retailers grow their traffic and sales with our cutting-edge e-commerce SEO solutions.

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Transparent Detailed Monthly Reports

Rank1SEO clients love the interactive monthly reports highlighting statistics, completed tasks, content creation, and upcoming plans we provide. You’ll even know which Rank1SEO team member completed the job. An e-commerce site owner must understand how consumers find and interact with their store. We will provide you with everything from keyword reports to link-building reporting.

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Proven e-commerce Strategies

Rank1SEO tracks the latest SEO trends, and we combine this knowledge with the experience gained from working with our other e-commerce clients. Allowing us to implement our proven e-commerce SEO strategies on your website. Rank1SEO makes strategic and informed decisions, while our competitors make guesses. Which sounds reliable to you?

Why E-commerce SEO?

Your e-commerce website aims to attract potential buyers looking for your service/product and convince them to buy. If the buyer is interested in buying what you offer but cannot find your website due to a bad ranking, it will increase your online sales. Breaks the primary purpose of the company. Our main focuses are driving brand awareness, filling the marketing funnel, elevating content, expanding remarketing audiences, capturing the long tail, and, most importantly, improving the user experience.

Rank1SEO e-commerce SEO service also improves the quality of traffic by connecting customers. Properly investing in SEO for e-commerce can increase ROI, gain actionable marketing insights, and reduce customer acquisition costs. That’s how we make your business industry leader.

Online Store Optimization

Our primary focus is always on the root. An E-commerce website’s most crucial part is site structure and category optimization. Online store optimization is not complete with these two things, and there is an extensive list of optimization we provide with our e-commerce SEO service.

Our team always starts with creating a custom on-page SEO strategy built around optimizing your store’s product, category, and pages. We position pages in a way that motivates consumers to drive to purchase your product through organic search.

Online store optimization is also called on-page optimization. In time-on-page SEO has been around as a concept, and the rules and best practices have evolved every day to keep up. For this reason, you need an e-commerce SEO agency that stays recent and up-to-date with the latest best practices and strategies that make your website perform well in SERPs.

Off-Page Optimization For E-commerce

To get the best ranking for your site, you must focus on off-page SEO — building up high-quality links from other relevant websites that point to your website. It is evident that the SEO community link-building needs to be about quality instead of quantity, and an e-commerce website has the same rules.

We always focus on building high-quality backlinks with real value for you regarding ranking, visibility, and your targeted audience. Our link-building strategy includes all types of backlinks based on your niche. We have authoritative industry resources and spent a lot of time searching for approbatory companies in your industry to work with for link-building purposes. We have a team that writes quality content; as you know, valuable content will build your company into an authority in a particular industry and provide opportunities for others to educate and link back to your website.

Custom E-commerce SEO

The global market is too competitive; to compete, you need to take a holistic approach to your business marketing. E-commerce marketing is a profitable way for stores and organizations to tap into their target customers. It’s one of the fastest generating sustainable traffic, developing quality traffic, offering brand visibility, and giving customers a great experience.

Promote your products and services with one of the trusted Rank1SEO e-commerce SEO companies. We provide you with a 360° approach to growing your business and improving customer experience.

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Discover All Keywords Your Customer Are Using

We constantly research keywords based on your buyer persona and which location you target. Properly discovering keywords helps get to reach the highest goal.

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Focus On Search Volume

Search volume is another essential factor we count. If any keyword has no search volume, there is no meaning to writing content and uploading a product that targets this keyword.


Focus On Relevance

Relevance is all about your audience’s perception of your content and how this content help user to properly understand and help to make decision. We write great content and generate relevant meta elements.

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Awareness Keywords

Targeting with awareness keywords also crucial because it’s covers topics like why, reasons, list of, what is, and definition. We use awareness keywords to drive organic search traffic.

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Evaluation/Decision Keywords

Evaluation decision keywords also drive traffic from organic search with evaluation/decision keywords – comparison, price, review, product features, cheap, best, and top 10.

Long-tail keywords icon

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are specific and have less search traffic, but they generate higher conversion value. Long-tail keywords gradually allow you to get more traffic to your site.

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Site Structure Optimization

Having an organized site structure is incredibly important for SEO. Our SEO service includes site crawlability, URL structure, internal linking, key content & keywords, and navigation & user experience optimization.

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Product schema

To give search engines more information about your products, you have to create a schema for your products. Using product schema, you can create your search result with more “rich” results.

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Google Merchant Listing

Google merchant center is a platform for online retailers to upload product listings for Google shopping ads. You will see this while browsing the Shopping tab in Google. It’s free to list, and a large part of the screen is occupied with the free listing products.

Expand Your Market Reach with Rank1SEO’s eCommerce SEO

In 2019 e-commerce sales amounted to over 5.149 trillion U.S. dollars. Nowadays, digital platforms are the norm as businesses turn to e-commerce SEO. Consumers are adopting changing demands and buying behavior, and multiple traditional retail stores and businesses are now moving online. Such as Amazon, Walmart, IKEA, and Myntra have good examples of e-commerce businesses. So, this proves e-commerce SEO is increasingly lucrative and necessary for your business.

Local and Internation Search Traffic Generation

Local and International SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Ecommerce SEO is about improving the search results of your website or product page using various strategies. These strategies for online stores include on-page optimization, quality link building, and competitor research.

Definitely! Website speed is an important ranking factor and the site’s overall usability. With the deployment of Google Core Web Vitals, Google displays speed and usability scores via Google Search Console.

There is a web of content, from information pages to products and categories. Optimizing each of these sections and logically connecting them is critical to the success of any eCommerce SEO campaign.

Yes, we have experience working with all major platforms and are experts in WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify SEO, WooCommerce, and more. Get in contact with us to see if it works on your platform. Rank1SEO also keeps an eye out for the best of its SEO companies and won’t hesitate to refer you to another company if it seems a better fit for your platform.

When optimizing an e-commerce website, a well-optimized product page is essential to its success. Different tactics and e-commerce SEO strategies are applied depending on the industry. For example, many manufacturers and parts dealers generate organic search traffic by ranking by SKU number and part number, whereas part numbers may be less searched in other industries. The ultimate goal is to get the customer from the product page to checkout as quickly as possible.

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